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Holiday Report: Arnside 2018

Our group walking holiday to the Parkside Guest House in Arnside was a week of sunshine and scenic, challenging walks.

The walks were organised by Mike Heather, with 2 local leaders (Alan and Keith) in charge of the longer walks, and the remaining walks led by our own leaders. The walks included Burneside, Sizergh Castle, Fairy Steps of Beetham, Arnside Knott, Cartmel, Rydal Water and Richards Seat (near Windermere).

You can see more photos on the Facebook page but here are a few samples:

Arnside2018 1 GoingDownshillNearUlverston

Coming downhil near Ulverston

Arnside2018 2 TacklingATrickyStile

Tackling a tricky stile over a dry stone wall

Arnside2018 3 AtRichardsSeatOverlookingWindermere

At Rchards's Seat overlooking Windermere

Arnside2018 4 StandingOnTheLimestonePavement

Standing on a limestone pavement near Arnside

Arnside2018 5 WalkingAtRydalWater

Walking around Rydal Water

Arnside2018 6 PlayingPoohSticksNearRydalWater

Playing 'Pooh Sticks' near Rydal Water

 Arnside2018 7 AnotherDryStoneWallStile

Another day, another dry stone wall stile

Arnside2018 8 SunsetAtArnsidePier

Sunset at Arnside Pier

Arnside2018 9 OurLeader

And many thanks to Mike for organising it all

Thursday, January 17, 2019