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Holiday Report: Tenerife 2018

Our group walking holiday to the Masaru Hotel at Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife was a superb trip.

The holiday was organised by Joy Johnson, with the walks led by Eve and Stan of KWA Guided Walks. Most people came for a single week during the 2-week period of the holiday, and there were 4 walking days and 2 free days each week. The walks were stunning, with views of the snow-capped peak of Mt Teide volcano from all directions. The walks were in Teide National Park, the Orotava Valley, the Teno Mountains and the Anaga Mountains. On one of the walks we crossed the volcanic ash of the Chinyero and Garachico lava fields, which you can see in the photos below.

You can see more photos on the Facebook page but here are a few samples:

Tenerife2018 1 WelcomeToTheVolcano

Snow-capped Mt Teide in the Teide National Park

Tenerife2018 2 TeideOnAColdDay

A cold morning in Teide National Park 

Tenerife2018 3 TeideAboveTheClouds

Walking in Teide National Park at 7000ft, above the cloud base

Tenerife2018 4 CrossingChinyeroLavaFlow

Crossing the Chinyero lava flow, resulting from a 'recent' eruption (November 1908)

Tenerife2018 5 GarrachicoLavoStream

Walking on the Garachico lava fields from an older eruption (1706)

Tenerife2018 6 LunchStopTenoMts

Taking a lunch stop in the Teno Mountains

Tenerife2018 7 WalkingInTheAnagaMts

Walking in the Anaga Mountains

Tenerife2018 8 PuertoDeLaCruz

Down by the sea at Puerto de la Cruz

Tenerife2018 9 OurWalkLeaders

And thanks to Eve and Stan for leading the walks


Thursday, January 17, 2019