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Riverboat Shuffle: June 2016

Staines Ramblers Midsummer social event - Runnymede to Windsor and back.

On the night of 23 June 2016 we had it all, believe me! What with flash, thunder, hysterical politicians, a complete traffic log jam around Runnymede and floods everywhere, you’d think it best to retreat somewhere for a prolonged lie down.

Not so for Staines Ramblers - all thanks to our social secretary Jim Sapey who fixed a truly memorable show for us on the river where, incredibly, everything came together spectacularly. The barbecue was perfectly done by Leeroy who knows  all there is to know about cooking over an open-air range so the food was definitely festive, and in abundance. Upstairs, thanks to Jason, his disco was starting to warm up so when we had shuffled up-river passing many riverside mansions on the way it had got to fever pitch and nobody noticed that we had turned around opposite the Castle and were on the way back.

All too soon we returned in due course to the Runnymede jetty, in pitch darkness, apart from a spectacular waxing amber moon. The four hours from seven to eleven seemed to have flashed by, this always happens when you’re enjoying things.

So, for those of you who didn’t come, all I can say is that you missed a great show! Thanks again to Jim for a wizard whacky evening! I can’t wait for the next one, bring it on!

There are lots of photos on the Facebook page but here are a few samples:

Riverboat2016 UpTheRiver

Off we go up the river towards Windsor.

Riverboat2016 TheBarOpens

The bar is open.

Riverboat2016 AtTheBuffet

Upstairs the BBQ is getting ready for action.

Riverboat2016 InTheMainCabin

Downstairs the party continues.

Riverboat2016 AndThereWasDancing

And there was dancing!

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