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Holiday Report: Gower 2016

Our group walking holiday to the Oxwich Bay Hotel in the Gower, organised by Mike Hawkins, was a great success.

The walks were led by Mike and Marlene, who took as around Oxwich Bay, Rhossili Bay and Three Cliffs Bay. The Gower peninsular is known as an area of outstanding natural beauty and it lived up to its reputation. The weather was mixed, with bright sunshine alternating with heavy showers on the main walking days, but everyone enjoyed the walking.

You can see more photos on the Facebook page but here are a few samples:

Gower2016 RhosilliToWormsHead

Walking from Rhosilli to Worms Head.

Gower2016 AscentFromRhosilli

Climbing the hill from Rhosilli.

Gower2016 At3CliffsBay

Looking out across Three Cliffs Bay.

Gower2016 StepThisWay

Step this way! Crossing the stream near Pennard Castle.

Gower2016 AtPennardCastle

Drinks stop at Pennard Castle.

Gower2016 MikeAndMartin

And many thanks to Mike for organising the trip.


Thursday, May 24, 2018